Tips & Cute Pet Memory-Making

Pets are more than just animals, they’re our furry companions.  I’m writing for my sister, who wants to share her pet pics and tricks with you that can add on years to their lives.  She always told me that we only get so much time to spend with our pets, and so creating lasting memories and caring for their health is so crucial today.  

Our cats, dogs, or other pets are stuck at home all day and can get into stressful situations or conditions without you knowing it.  Most of the time, homeowners, landlords, or residents are totally unaware of issues such as flea bites or overheating.  Once fleas start biting on your cat or dog, it can take many months until you can completely get rid of them– and the only way to relieve your pet of the itching immediately is by purchasing pricey cat or dog flea/tick medicine.

Fleas can  infiltrate your home’s defenses when you take your doggie out for a walk and the little buggers attach to her fur.  When you come home after a good walk, a flea colony can start manifest because they hide away from view in carpeting (most often.)  

My sister opts to save herself the hassle by calling professional pest control entomologists.  It’s so much easier to take preventative measures with gentle flea and tick repellants beforehand.  

Make sure to get ahold of all your building improvement and utilities before the busy holiday season kicks in full gear.  My Sister’s Pet Pics & Flea/Tick Tricks is a family project with just a handful of siblings, and we just wanna make an easy portal to great, family businesses in pest control, heat/cool, plumbing, and more.  

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you’ll want to squeeze your prepping in before the snow starts to stick and the roads get slick.  The best place for your puppy or kitty is indoors when the temperatures drop; however, if your furnace breaks down or a roach kingdom takes over that won’t do you any good either.  

Whenever I look for a service team like plumbers or HVAC techs in the local area, the first thing I do is call ‘em up on the phone and ask for just three things:

  1. Business registration proof
  2. Certified & friendly staff
  3. Insurance.

Although my sister may consider her pets to be her children, I’ve also got some human children of my own.  I always worry about what could happen to my household or small business when left in the hands of others.  But after my sis and I did thorough checks of all the companies on our list, you can be sure every case will be handled thoroughly with a strict attention to details on every job, big or small: central air, A/C & heat, sewer inspection, and more.

So take those pictures, guys.  And make the years with your pets, companions, or furry children last a lengthy four-legged lifetime.